Where Can YOU make a differnece?
  October : Domestic Violence Awareness Month The month of October is Domestic Violence awareness month and knowing how and where can help can be instrumental to making a difference in someones life. Six Cypress Boutique has partnered with the...
Fall Trends You Can Rely On
Six Cypress Boutique sums it up for you !! Read on for Fall trends that you can rely on for 2023.
3 Confidence Boosters for the New Season
Are you being authentic to yourself? 
How do you speak to yourself ? 
Who do you spend your time with and how do they speak to you? 


Ask yourself these questions to create confidence boosting tendencies as we enter the new Fall season. Enter the season with these THREE confidence boosters to obtain stamina for the upcoming holiday season. 

4 Products To Help You Enjoy Your Summer
Don't forget to enjoy your Summer
Classic Summer Staples - Timeless Fashion
Do you have your Classic Summer Styles ready to go ? Have you found yourself going through your closet and thing its about time to get rid of those shorts you've had for a few years now? Maybe you're fresh...
Elevate Your T-shirt : Easy ways to style your t-shirts

From knowing what colors contrast your skin tone to adding a few statement jewelry pieces to your look; It’s amazing what a few little tricks can do for your style. It’s easy to take something basic and create a more refined style with a few little tweaks.


Mother's Day Gifts : Boutique edition
Mother’s Day Read on for Mother's Day Gift inspiration for unique gift ideas from a boutique : Take time this year to make a purchase for Mom that she will truly enjoy. Often times big box store will carry all...
The Myth about Skinny Jeans

Do you own skinny jeans? Do you like to wear them but someone told you they are out of style? Read on to find out why you should always trust your skinny jeans !!

Top Spring Trends 2023

It’s OFFICIALLY SPRING !! That’s right - the birds are starting to chirp and you might be seeing some Green little sprouts coming out of the ground !! How exciting to finally be getting into the warmer months and into some cute Spring clothes !! Do you know what Spring trends you should be shopping for? 

Read on to learn more !!

Stylish Looks Using Pinterest as Your Muse : Style your Green Bottoms
Do you like to use Pinterest as a style guide? Do you often use this platform as a starting point for creating outfits? We took two Pinterest looks using Green pants and recreated the look with Six Cypress Boutique products : Check out these cute fits !!
Shopping Tips to Avoid Bad Purchases
What does it mean to be be a good shopper - does that even exist? How can I avoid making bad purchases while I'm shopping?
Fashion Terms Explained
A few Fashion Terms everyone should know !! You've probably read or heard of them before !! Let's take a look at 15 fashion terms explained !!
So Much More To The Industry : Passion for Fashion
Fashion is everywhere, it’s not just on the run way.  Fashion is at the gym, it’s at the grocery store, its taking the kids to school. The way you dress can directly impact the way you feel. 2022 Miss Universe...
January Essentials : After Holiday Spending
Spent enough money over the Holiday season? Check out these January Essentials to get you through the remaining cold Winter months !!
Trends You'll See for 2023 : Color, Patterns and Fits
Have a sneak peak into 2023 Fashion !! What will be trending next year? What hot patterns, colors and styles will we be seeing for Spring? Read on for to learn about 2023 Fashion trends worth looking into.
Style for the Holidays : Outfits for your Office Party, Dinner Event & More !!
The Holiday Season is Upon us !!
You know what that means.. Holiday parties to attend and Family get together's to dress up for !! Do you have a Holiday party coming up? Maybe a formal work event you're needing to dress up for? Check out these looks to inspire your next outfit !!
50 Holiday Gift Ideas : Something for Everyone
Here is a little Holiday brainstorm to start off your Christmas shopping this year !! We know the Holiday's can be stressful_ we totally get it.. Use this quick list of 50 gift ideas to kick start your Holiday Shopping !! Below are some classic gift ideas that you can't go wrong with !! 
What Shoe For What Denim : Quick Guide on what Shoe to Wear with your Denims
Read this Quick Guide to learn what shoes you should wear with your Skinny, Straight, Wide Leg and Cropped denims.
Fall Family Photos : A Go - To Guide to Style
It's that time of year again to replace last years family photo with a new fresh picture of the family !! Read through this quick guide to create the perfect stylized wardrobe for this years Family portrait !!
Gift Giving 101 : Picking A Stylish Gift
With "Gift Giving Season" around the corner, we are all thinking about who is on our purchase list. How to do you pick out a stylish gift ? Ask yourself three easy questions to start.
Read more to find out !!
Princess Diana : A True Fashion Icon
Princess Diana was and still remains a true fashion icon. Princess Diana quickly became known for sending a message through her clothing and showcasing her emotions through her wardrobe. Read on to learn about Princess Diana's best fashion statements and more !!