What Shoe For What Denim : Quick Guide on what Shoe to Wear with your Denims

Getting ready for the day can be challenge on it's own - some days are easier than others - right? You might find yourself trying on a few outfits before you find the right one for the day. Do you ever get your whole outfit together only to realize the shoe you picked out for the outfit doesn't look appealing at all? You're not alone !! We've all been there.. you get your whole outfit together the night before only to realize the shoe you picked out looks ridiculous with the pants you decided on last night. You sit and argue with yourself.
Can't I just mismatch?
Does it look THAT ridiculous?
I guess back to the drawing board...


(what - you don't like a little rhyme?)

Read on to learn : "What Shoe For What Denim"

Skinny Leg Denims : As less and less people are buying Skinny Leg Denims - it seems like they might be on their way out -  the trend might be fading but there are still some HARDCORE Skinny Leg Denim fans out there. I’m talking DIE HARD fans. They love their skinny jeans just as much as they love their Fall out Boy albums. No shade throwing here either, I support you and your skinny jeans. I love them too. We’re going down, down swinging for these skinny jeans.

What is a Skinny Jean?

The skinny jean sculpts the figure tightly. The wearer will have a snug fit through the leg including a tight fit to the ankle.

Wear Skinny Leg with :

Mules, Heeled Sneaker/Booties or Athletic Sneakers

Straight Leg Denims : A common style and fit among many - the Straight Leg Denim is a classic style that tends to elongate the legs. This current trend denim is most popular in a more relaxed fit and or high waisted. Hourglass, apple and athletic shapes tend to look best in Straight Leg Denims. The Boyfriend fit could also fall under the Straight Leg category because most often the Boyfriend fit are a Straight cut down, showing no curve. Straight leg denims also look great with a pair of simple sneakers. 

What is a Straight Leg?

The Straight Leg jean silhouette runs straight down from the hips to the legs.

Wear Straight Leg with :

Heeled Boots & Mules 

Pro Tip : *You can also pair Straight Leg denims with clogs or flats !! A pair of straight leg denims can be paired with most shoes - hard to go wrong with a straight jean.


Wide Leg Denims : Wide leg Denims are here to stay and we are NOT mad about it.. The Wide Leg Denim is the next big new trend and we are here to embrace it with open arms ! If you have not had the chance to try on a pair of Wide Leg denims; DO IT !! 

I mean it … just do it.. 

They are a flattering fit for all body types and will be your new go to pair of denims !! ( you’re welcome in advance) The Wide leg fit can come in a a handful of different styles & cuts so be sure you know what you’re looking for. A pair of high waisted Wide Leg Denims can define curves, and a pair of low - rise relaxed wide legs can really hide your curves. Be sure you know what fit you are looking for in your Wide Leg Denims. 

What is a Wide Leg?

A Wide Leg Denim will have at least a 20 inch leg opening circumference. A Wide Leg Denim will differ from Flare or Bell Bottoms because a Wide Leg will fit snug up until the mid thigh, rather than becoming wider at the knee like most Flare and Bell Bottoms. 

Wear Wide Leg with :

Platforms, Booties, or Mules

Pro Tip : A pair of high-waisted Wide Leg Denims paired with a bralette, Blazer & chunky white sneakers will be sure to turn some heads.

Cropped Denim : Cropped Denims are so cute and easy to style with all of your favorite shoes !! We love pairing Cropped Denims with just about any pair of shoes we have in store. Cropped Denims are a wardrobe staple and can be worn year round. Wait.. you mean to tell me I can wear cropped jeans in WINTER? Umm, yeah.. because Cropped Denims pair well with all shoes, you can style them with your favorite pair of combat boots in the winter. Nailed it. 

What is a Cropped Leg?

A Cropped Denim is when the pant doesn't fully extend to the feet or ankles when worn. You can find clean hem, distressed and even shark bite Cropped Denims !! 

Wear Cropped Leg with :

Mules, Sneakers, Platforms, booties. 

Pro Tip : If you are taller - wearing a cropped pair of denims will give the illusion of shorter legs !! 





Here's to picking the right shoe for the future !!

No need to ask for the opinion of your clueless husband anymore... just refer to this easy to read guide in the future !!

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