Gift Giving 101 : Picking A Stylish Gift

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With "Gift Giving Season" around the corner, we are all thinking about who is on our purchase list. How to do you pick out a stylish gift ? Ask yourself Four easy questions to start. Who, What, Where & Why?
Asking yourself these FOUR simple questions before you start shopping will create so much ease for this years holiday purchasing !!

Ask yourself WHO are you shopping for? This sounds easy, but I encourage you to dig deeper into the question.
WHO is this person to you? Is this person your Mom, Sibling, or even a co- worker? The "who" is the most important question you can ask; Who is this person, not just to you but to other people. This person you are buying for might be your sister, but to SO MANY other people she is a TEACHER who spends her free time grading papers and spending her own money on school decor and supplies. Yes, this person is your Sister, but she has many other titles. Your Sister is an Art Teacher by day to Stacy, a Math Tutor by evening to Jack, and a trusted adult to many students. 
As you search for a gift to purchase for this person, keep the "who" in mind. Since your sister spends a lot of time in her classroom, maybe a sweater that she can keep in her classroom would be a good idea? How about a large size tote bag to carry hall her grading books ! When you think outside of who the person is to you; you can often think of more useful gifts !


What do you want to say with your gift? Ask yourself WHAT am I trying to convey with this gift? Is this a meaningful gift for a spouse or maybe a best friend? Are you wanting to show this person you appreciate them and care for them? Asking yourself "what are you trying to say" can help you think of meaningful ideas to gift to someone. If you are purchasing for a best friend who has just graduated and officially started their first Registered Nursing job, think about what you want to say to her through the gift... You realize she's been working long shifts so you want to remind her to take time for herself ! You might choose a comfortable Pajama set and a scented candle to help her relax after her shift or on her days off. The What question can help look into "what do I want to say with this gift".

 What does this person like to do ?
Do they have hobbies?
Where does this person spend their spare time?
This can often lead you to the right store to visit for a gift. Asking yourself the where question will generally lead you to the right store that will help you find the right gift for that person. If the person you are shopping for is a plant lover.. visit the greenhouse down the road or maybe a little air plant from the boutique down the street; if you are unfamiliar with plants; finding the right store will allow you to be among folks who ARE familiar with plants and will help guide you to the right selection !! 

If you have to ask yourself why, then you shouldn't be buying for this person to begin with. Gift giving is about sharing and caring, and if you have to ask yourself "why am I buying for this person?"..
..maybe it's time you just pick up a few scratch off's and call it a day .. 





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