Where Can YOU make a differnece?


October : Domestic Violence Awareness Month

The month of October is Domestic Violence awareness month and knowing how and where can help can be instrumental to making a difference in someones life. Six Cypress Boutique has partnered with the The Caring Place to help continue the conversation about domestic violence, educate and help our community. Throughout our store in Downtown Valparaiso, Indiana you can find Domestic Violence posters and informational pamphlets for the community to start a conversation. 

FACT: We placed information in the dressing room because we were notified that is often the ONLY TIME a victim can get away from their abuser. 


THE CARING PLACE is a non-profit social service organization, serving the needs of domestic violence and sexual assault victims. This organization primarily serves victims in Lake, Porter and Starke counties in Northwest Indiana, but may include victims across the country.
VISION OF THE CARING PLACE : The Caring Place, Inc. envisions a community free from domestic violence, in which all people engage in healthy relationships, supported by a society committed to nurturing respect and non-violence.

- cited from https://www.thecaringplacenwi.org/about#ABOUTTHECARINGPLACE

Statistics :

  • Indiana has some of the highest YOUTH domestic violence numbers and ranks at #6 in states with the highest domestic violence numbers. 
  • 21-60% of domestic violence victims loose their jobs. 
  • 1 in 3 are affected by domestic violence


The Vision of The Caring Place is something EVERYONE should strive for in their community. Our families and children deserve healthy thriving relationships.

The Caring Place has Educational outreach programs like the Amanda Forum Community Program to continue to educate our community through events such as the Dare to Date Safe Amanda Forum Conference. This conference serves professionals in the field of youth health, education/guidance and teens across the Northwest Indiana Region along with parents/community members as well. 

So, what can YOU DO?

You can make a difference TODAY. By promoting education on what healthy relationships look like and participating in community programs likes the Amanda Forum; a youth dating violence prevention program. 

"You can't build a healthy relationship until you know yourself first and have a healthy foundation of self. Having a healthy personal foundation allows you to weather the storms of life when know you are."

- A Message from the CEO & President Denise C. Koebcke








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