4 Products To Help You Enjoy Your Summer

Summer can hardly feel like an easy Sunday morning.. it’s often just as busy as the school year; if not more. It’s common to schedule more events, projects and overbook your time thinking you somehow gained 8 hours a day because the kids are out of school. 


How about a few items to make your life easier in the Summertime?

Take a look at this quick list of FOUR products to help you enjoy Summer just a little more. 


Mixologie -You’ll love Mixologie for a great go-to perfume option on a hot summer day. It’s compact, portable and super easy to use on the go.


  • Bring along to the beach
  • Everyday use
  • Traveling 
  • Car Perfume


Mixologie is available in either a Moisturizing Body Mist Perfume (35 mL/ea ) Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Phthalate-Free, Cruelty-Free or a Roller Ball option as well. Blend the different scents together to make a custom Mixologie scent for you!  Mixologie fragrances are alcohol-free, so they aren't overpowering like a spray perfume can be - and they last all day!



Adrift (Sun & Sea)- Get swept away with the refreshing and romantic scent of clean and crisp bergamot blended with hints of airy bamboo, jasmine, and musk. Enjoy the light and bright notes of white floral and amber as they come and go like the rhythm of the calm and silent sea. Adrift - a fragrance that seems to have skipped across the windswept shores of blue ocean beaches on its way to you.

Summer Hat Whether it’s a Baseball Cap or a Sun hat; it’s important to protect yourself against the Sun while you’re spending all that extra time outside.

Here are 3 MUST HAVE hats :

1. Opting for a cute a causal baseball cap is always a great option for the Summer look. Grab your favorite loose fitting tee and don’t worry about your hair for a day as you throw it under a ball cap as you go for a bike ride. 


2. Straw Sun Hats are perfect for the garden gals. Having a modern straw hat is perfect for a day in the backyard pulling weeds or heading to the beach for the afternoon on a hot day. 


3. Modern Fashion hats are another great option to have in your Summer closet. Fashion hats can be perfect to add a little extra to a summer dress, whether its a cowboy, felt or flat brim hats - they can elevate any Summer look instantly !!


Layered Necklace - This little trick is perfect for the Mom who always on the go but needs to look “A LITTLE put together”.

 There is truly something about having a layered necklace that can make an average look into something more sophisticated. Whether you enjoy Gold, Silver or BOTH kinds of jewelry - having a necklace that has a multi layered chain will save you loads of time when try to accomplish a QUICK yet formal outfit. No need to stress about finding the right jewelry when you have this little trick up your sleeve !!


If you don’t have a layered chain - FEAR NOT!

We can put one together with your existing jewelry instantly !!

Find two necklaces with two different chain lengths; typically you want a choker style chain along with a chain that is longer. Take any pendants or charms off and you instantly have a layered necklace look !!


Sets Sets are a great option for Summer. If you’re feeling a little extra; throw on your set and favorite sneakers !!


Something that is EXTRA special about a set is the fact that you get not one, not two, but THREE outfit options. This is because a set will typically give you a top and a bottom piece. You can wear the set as intended; with said top and bottom as the outfit OR you can wear either the top or bottom with another garment that you already own !! It’s wonderful to get more than one option when you purchase an outfit. 


Wear can you wear a set? HA ! 

You can a wear a set anywhere & everywhere !! 

Talk about an effortless style ..


Perfect reasons to buy a set TODAY:


1. Matching fits with the besties <3

2. Stylish Beach outfit 🏖

3. Weekend Comfort ✌️

4. Vacation Style 🌞


Trick : Buy a set that is a long sleeve top and short sleeve bottom - perfect for multi season use. 

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