How to Wear Denim & Not Have the Denim Wear you

There are so many women out there with different body types and shapes, but what do they all have in common ?
They hate shopping for denim pants. 
You wonder why?
Because the task itself is daunting. You have to take twelve pairs of jeans into the small little dressing room and find out all of them are either too long, too tight at the waist, too short, too baggy etc. It's never a fun time trying on that many jeans and not finding a single pair that makes you feel good !
Finding the pair that makes you feel good, starts with finding the right fit or style for your body and sometimes that DOES mean trying on a handful of denims. This time pay attention to what denim fit you're picking and how they fit on your body when you try them on. Look for Straight Fit, Skinny Leg, Bootcut / Flare , Wide Leg and Boyfriend Fit. It's also important to look for the Rise and the Inseam of your denims.
Rise : Measured from the top of the waist to the bottom of the crotch seam
Inseam : Measured crotch inseam to bottom hem of legs
The Rise and Inseam can be key into finding the right comfortable denim fit for you. If you are taller - you would benefit from knowing the inseam of the denims because that can be a deal breaker right off the bat if they are not long enough. Looking for the correct Rise in a denim is also very important. High Rise denims have certainly made their comeback in recent years. Proportions of your body type; if you have longer legs vs. a shorter torso can also play a part into find the right denim fit for you.
All in all, You should always ask yourself what you feel most comfortable in !!
Next time you find yourself shopping, you'll find more confidence choosing your denims after reading this !!  

Below we will cover the fit of these styles and why they might be good for you :

Straight Leg : Often no shaping at the knee and not much of a difference from thigh to ankle. A straight hem down. The fabric is quite literally cut straight down front the hip to the ankle. A Straight Leg often gets confused with Regular fit. This fit will sit slightly looser on the body but follow the same straight hem with from hip to ankle. 
* The Straight fit works well for smaller or shorter bodies, and a Regular fit works well for taller more athletic bodies. Both fits are good for a rectangular shape.
Skinny Leg : Tight fitting jeans that are narrow at the legs and snug fitting all around. There are a few skinny type fits including Super Skinny and Slim. Super Skinny is exactly what it sounds like, you might even see "Ultra Skinny" These skinny fits imply they are tight snug fitting jeans with the leg opening of 10" -14". Slim style skinny jeans will often taper at the hip more but are otherwise very similar to the Skinny Leg denim. 
*All body types looks good in this fit, often recommended for hourglass or pear shape 
Bootcut & Flare : Bootcut and Flare are both slim fitting at the hip and thigh for a flattering look. Both Flare and Bootcut denims will start to flare at the knee as well. The Bootcut denims will have a leg opening of 17" - 20". Anything that exceeds 21" is considered a Flare denim. These are a classic denim fit that is meant to fit over your boot.
* All body types, best for hourglass to show off curves
Wide Leg : Similar to the Bootcut & Flare Denims, the Wide leg pants are meant to be slim fitting at the hip still but continue onto a loose and relaxed fit. A Wide leg denim will be loose fitting at the thigh, knees and ankles still. The Wide leg fit is meant to hang more off of your body than to be snug like other fits. This style is meant to be baggy.
*Anyone can wear this style; minding the inseam for length 
Boyfriend Fit : The Boyfriend fit is a slouchy denim with loose fitting throughout the thighs and loose fitting at the waist as well. There tends to be gathered fabric more at the crotch because of the way the waistline sits lower. This is what creates more of the baggy look. The idea is to feel as though you are wearing your boyfriends denim pants ; the goal is they are baggy and loose on your body.
*Anyone can wear these, however smaller hips create a fashionable illusion for the boyfriend fit 

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